Personal Consultations


For a private consultation with Heather Simpson for your dog, cat or horse please call us and we will agree all the details.  Heather consults at the NAC in Wales or in several venues in the South East of England including Medivet in Oxted in Surrey.  She also undertakes regular trips to the north of England.


Heather also offers consultations for donkeys, birds, rabbits and many reptiles.


                         01267 281 114   or   email us on




About Heather

Heather is an experienced animal behaviourist and has helped over 14,000 animals.  She has a special interest in animals with eating disorders, aggression and severe anxiety problems such as obsessive compulsive disorders, stereotypies and phobias.  She frequently works with owners or rescue centre managers who have animals with problems of such seriousness that euthanasia has been already considered.

Animals with Chronic Illnesses

Heather has advanced training in neuro-endocrinology (nerves and hormones) and pharmacology (drugs) and at Medivet (and other veterinary surgeries in the North) works closely with the veterinary team undertaking advanced analysis of the root causes of the long term disease.  In practical terms, she usually prescribes programmes based on advanced pain relief treatments and environmental changes which regularly lead to resolution or significant quality of life changes for the animal.

Examples of illnesses or conditions treated

  • Inflammatory problems – arthritis, abdominal pain such as gastritis, pancreatitis
  • Post-viral stress – situations where animals continually relapse with viral conditions and remain fatigued and lethargic (eg. competition horses)
  • Neurological conditions – epilepsy/seizures and self mutilation
  • Skin conditions – for instance where animals have been on long term steroids
  • Nutritional problems – malnutrition (rescue animals – starvation), obesity, anorexia (particularly cats), pica (eating of non-nutritional substances such as stones, electrical wiring), copraphagia (eating faeces)



If you would like an over the phone consultation to discuss your animal’s problems then please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


If you could give us as much information as possible



Please email or call us and then once we have an overview of where you want to see Heather and the background to your animal’s health issue we can agree the likely costs for the consultation.

01267 281114


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