Herbal Remedies for Dogs

This is one of the new series of weekend courses designed specifically for animal owners who wish to help their dogs using herbal remedies.  We will give you a good grounding on the issues related choosing, preparing and using herbal remedies.

Features and benefits…

• Introduction to heating vs cooling herbs
• Differences between tinctures, infusions, teas and cut herbs
• When to choose which of the above is appropriate for treatment
• Safety and herbal medicine
• How to make your own infusions and teas
• How to make your own herbal creams to treat cuts and wounds


Weekend courses are all priced at £189, but if you book 8 weeks ahead of the course date the price drops to £149. This includes the teaching and the herbs used on the course.  You can book to stay with us at our B&B – just email us and we will sort it out for you.