Stages 2 – 4


Once you have acquired the essentials in Stage 1 you may wish to take things further.  By the end of Stage 1 you will be out there consulting, but most students want more and go on to Stage 2 with a select few taking it all the way to Stage 4.


In Stage 2 we will teach you how to accelerate the behaviour modification process so that you ought to be looking for an 80% change in the first 24 hours.


In Stage 3 we add a whole new layer on the concepts raised in the 1st two stages which allows you to consult even more effectively as you will have a vast depth of knowledge.


And in Stage 4 we add consciousness and how you can set things up to cause the animal to learn things more easily and quickly as we move to using issues such as concept formation and other theories of consciousness.


If you are interested in progressing beyond Stage 1 talk to us during the course and we can look at your objectives as a group and fit the subsequent stages around your needs.

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