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What you get …

  1. Experience everything we teach; in practice. Learn how we manage our animals using positive reinforcement exclusively.
  2. Gain hands on experience with our animals & how we set things up to meet animals’ evolutionary needs
  3. Free Education – Leave us as a Qualified Animal Behaviourist – this is the essence of being a working student – you get all your education free. 
  4. Attend all the lectures (or as they are published get a copy of the Distance Learning Programme & all the coaching you need to complete it quickly)  for at least one of the Canine, Equine or Feline Behaviour Qualifications in your first year & if you want to, go on to complete the whole qualification so you are formally qualified as an Animal Behaviourist in year 1.  In your second year choose to attend either Stage 2 of the same species or do Stage 1 in a second species.  The above is the minimum we aim to give you Dog-menu– if we are running more courses we will try our best to get you to as many of them as is practical, and if we run the same lectures twice we try our best to get you to attend them again as revision.cat-menu  For all the detail on the Animal Behaviour Courses download the course prospectus for the species you are interested in from the Behaviour page on the website.
  5. Free board – your own room in our B&B, shared lounge & kitchen, free wifi.
  6. A £400 pm contribution to your living costs.


B and B 2


You will be living at the Natural Animal Centre in Wales right on the edge of an extensive forest.  You room looks out over the paddocks to the river which borders our farm so you are truly immersed in the natural environment we have set up for our animals.  On an exceptional day you may see otters playing on the banks of the river.  And if you are interested in walking there is direct access into the forest.  The NAC is set in its own valley so it is truly a tranquil, beautiful & peaceful place.


You will gain experience not just with the three species we teach on our behaviour courses (horses, dogs & cats), but also pigs, goats, sheep, chickens & tortoises.  When you decide to move on to a job working with animals you will be well set up to:

  1. Open your own Animal Behaviour Practice
  2. Work at a Rescue Centre, Zoo or Animal Sanctuary as a trainer/behaviourist
  3. Become a Positive Reinforcement horse or dog trainer
  4. Potential involvement in the NAC (Africa) subject to providing your own finance

What we get …

In return for all of the above you help us to manage & look after the animals.  You will work 5 days per week from 08:15 to 17:00 with an hour for lunch.  You get four weeks holiday each year which includes bank holidays.  We believe in the concept that work is play so your days should be educational & fun & if they do not stand up to this test then you need to tell us immediately so we can fix it!

So what do you need to now?

The three working student positions & our courses are open to anyone.  You do not need any formal qualification to apply although we do have students with degrees come to us to discover how to apply what they have learnt practically.  We aim to have a balance of students with and without formal education at any one point in time.

You may be fortunate & find there is an opening coming up soon or if there is not we will put you on the waiting list – so let us know you are interested & we will keep you in mind when a position comes up.  Just email us a copy of your CV & we will get back to you to let you know we have received it.



More about what you will be doing …

Tasks vary by day, week and season so you will gain a broad experience with animals & how to manage them naturally over the period of your stay with us.

  1. Large animal care: for the horses, goats & sheep:  feeding, grooming, daily health checks & applying or giving remedies as appropriate.  Dealing with vets & farriers.
  2. Small Animal Care: for the chickens & tortoises:  feeding, daily health checks for the chickens & bathing the tortoises, applying or giving remedies as appropriate.  Dealing with vets and farriers for the sheep.
  3. Yard & B&B presentation: keeping fields, barns & rest areas free from animal droppings, general presentation of the Centre & B&B.  Setup for courses and B&B for visiting students.
  4. Centre Maintenance: managing stock levels, reordering, implementing environmental enrichment for the animals.

If there is anything else you would like to know please email us on NaturalAnimalCentre@gmail.com and we will answer all your questions.


positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide …


Natural Animal Centre, Troed yr Rhiw, Cwmduad, Carmarthen

Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom.  SA33 6XN


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