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06 Nov New Working Student Positions Available!

Want a career with animals? Want on the job training and a qualification worth over£3,000? **GREAT NEWS** We’ve opened two more Working Student positions! Work at our centre in South Wales as part of a highly motivated team in return for a formal academic course (either our equine,...

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14 Jun Cats in Rome

On the second day of the Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner course in Rome in June 2012 an extraordinary story began to take shape.  One of our students heard a kitten calling from a car in the hotel car park...
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30 May Mishka – Creating a Positive Outlook

Mishka, our newest pack member, came from an unfortunately impoverished environment. Locked outside in a bare yard in virtual social isolation for 18 months, she dragged her blanket to the backdoor sleeping in the snow even in the depths of winter in the hope of being let inside...
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06 Feb Winter at the NAC

Perfect winter at NAC - lots of snow to walk in while the roads are completely clear! Gorgeous clear cold days - couldn't be a better time for a good walk.

Warm wishes to all of you and have a great 2012 from all of us at the NAC.

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10 May Lily-Rose’s Story

When Ross found a little female westie wandering up a country lane, a fair distance from any house or farm, she was fearful, covered in fleas and absolutely filthy.  She was bought back to the Natural Animal Centre where we bathed her, treated her for fleas and cystitis, and put up ‘found’ posters.  No one claimed her, so we called her Lily-Rose.
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18 Apr Changes to accommodation at NAC 2

For the last few years we have been offering accommodation at NAC 2 so students attending courses in Wales can stay together to enhance your animal experience. As of April 2011 we have new people managing this facility, for more information or to book your...

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