Become an Animal Behaviourist (Distance Learning)

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We are unique for 2 crucial reasons … Firstly, we teach APPLIED animal behaviour – we take all the complexity of scientific animal behaviour research and extract and teach you what you need to become a great animal behaviourist.  Secondly, we specialise in changing dreams into reality by supporting you through self-development, giving you our standard animal behaviour modification programmes to get you started in your own Animal Behaviour Practice.  Our courses provide you with everything you need to set up your own Behaviour Practice & with worldwide coverage we include a hard copy of the whole course so you have it is a permanent reference guide.


The Equine & Canine Qualifications come in our Distance Learning Programme format so you never need to leave home.  With the same (or slightly more) content they lead to exactly the same qualification as our original residential courses – NAC Equine or Canine Behaviourist.  Stage 2 is already published and we are working on the Stage 3 & 4 programmes.

Here’s what our students are saying about our programmes …

‘I recently graduated from the EBQ Stage 1 and would highly recommend the course. Lots of very useful information collected into the books and the assignments help to consolidate the learning.  I found the feedback on my work very helpful and kept me motivated.  I found this course very rewarding and am looking forward to going onto stage 2!’

‘I have to say I am so impressed by how the program has been curated. To be able to access high quality research in such a compact format is a treasure. My education background is doctoral level and I found the content interesting and challenging in the best ways. That coupled with the actual feel of the materials (the clear and consistent organization, spiraling of ideas throughout, exercises, large tactile pages of the books themselves, and photos that tug at the affective) are a great model for the learning principles in the program.’
We have taken all the key science & made it simple & easy to learn, without losing the essence of what you need to become the very best Animal Behaviourist you can be.  With personalised tutor feedback if you have the heart & desire to set up your own practice we will make it happen together.  We are here for one reason … positively influencing the well being of animals worldwide.

All the animals at the NAC are a working model of what we teach

All the animals at the NAC are a working model of what we teach.



The Scientific Knowledge to diagnose & fix animal behaviour issues.    The Persuasion Skills to ‘sell’ your animal behaviour solutions to client.  The life changing Personal Development.  And our Support to set up your own Animal Behaviour Consulting Business.

The secret of why we are different to universities is simple – we are here to make animals’ lives better.  We have a deep passion which drives our mission statement:  ‘positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide’ and that’s what makes us different.  We want you out there consulting, because you can help animals (other’s or your own) & you will be achieving our mission statement for us.  By the time you qualify of course you will have both all the technical knowledge, but also the persuasive skills, because our experience as behaviourists shows that animals only benefit, if the owner implements your applied science based advice. We divide each species into 4 stages (over 4 years) but we have structured it so you are qualified to consult after just Stage I & it’s completely your decision as to whether you want to go further than Stage I.

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Play and movement are essential parts of every animals’ ethogram (their list of normal behaviours).  Understanding their natural behaviours is essential if you are to identify what is an abnormal behaviour which is the key aspect for any Animal Behaviourist.  Our Distance Learning courses include pre-written behaviour modification programmes for you to get started on day 1 of your own Behaviour Practice.

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Zebras are the only true wild equids left on our planet.  We have a herd of 160 zebras in Africa who we have identified individually, allowing for the world’s first zebra research based on individual zebras.  And the results over-turned all the historical papers, providing an entirely new view of Equine Behaviour.  Heather Simpson is now the leading expert on zebra behaviour and as this converts directly to horse behaviour you are truly getting the best, most up to date teaching be it via our Distance Learning Programme.

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Distance Learning Course

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The feline course is perhaps the most complex but equally the most rewarding.  Issues such as their use of pheromones (chemicals – most of which we as humans can’t smell) and subtle body language means cats are often misunderstood.  For instance the cat that remains immobile on the owner’s bed, only venturing downstairs to eat late at night is quite possibly frozen in fear rather than being lazy!

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