About the NAC – an Unusual Attitude to Business


We manage our lives & business in a way which is perhaps unusual and as such you deserve to know about it up front … since 1997 when the NAC formally opened all of our decisions (personal, financial and business) have been driven by our core belief system – compassion for animals.  We are in principle a   ‘not-for –profit organisation’;  all of the centre’s surpluses are channelled into furthering our mission statement …



This does not conflict with adopting commercially sensible policies & the resulting cashflows have allowed us to personally set up and fund the zebra behaviour PhD research project which has continued without interruption since 2006.  Heather’s first PhD paper can be downloaded at:  address

Zebra meets Donkey

Zebra meets Donkey

We (Heather & Ross Simpson) founded the NAC in 1997 when we opened our first centre in Sussex. In 2003 we moved to Wales to set up the main teaching cente (NAC 1) and NAC 2 to provide accomodation for our students. With a background in animal behaviour, Heather is currently finishing her PhD in zebra behaviour working with Professor Christine Nicol of Bristol Vet School.  The research is undertaken at our centre in Africa, where we have approximately 100 zebra.  Also with a background as a finance director, Ross specialised as an animal trainer.

In 2014 we moved to Troed yr Rhiw to be on site for the B&B.  We are very fortunate to be so well supported such by a dedicated team of full time staff and working students who benefit from a combination of practical experience in the day to day management of animals and formal study under the behaviour qualification program.  If you are interested in the working student programme see the section on working at the NAC and email us your CV and we will put you on the waiting list for the next position to come up.

In 2015 we will launch the NAC Animal Sanctuary with the aim of raising charitable donations to maintain the animals both in the UK and the zebras in South Africa. If you would like further information on this aspect of the NAC then please have a look round our website, call/email us or follow us on Facebook.
It is our sincere wish to help you to help animals so we hope that our courses, trips to Africa or the NAC Sanctuary will help you to also positively influence the wellbeing of the animals around you.