We are well down the path of converting all of our courses to our new Distance Learning format.


The Natural Animal Centre exists purely to provide you with the skills to help improve the welfare of all animals.  

With the Distance Learning Programmes we’ve been able to reduce the cost to a fraction of the residential course prices.  And for as long as we can afford it, we will continue to offer substantial discounts on all of our programmes.  To learn more just choose the Bach Flower Remedies or Behaviour button (Stage 1: Canine or Equine Qualifications) and we’ll provide everything you could want to know about the courses, including the detailed Course Prospectus.  And if you still have any questions then email us at:  NaturalAnimalCentre@gmail.com.


If you are serious about helping animals we’ll do all it takes to get you the knowledge you need to do it in a compassionate way using ONLY Positive Reinforcement – we are working proof that the use of force is merely proof of a human’s inability to apply their intelligence to an animal’s problem.  We prove it here and the Natural Animal Centre every day.


We’ll give you the three things you need to succeed …

  • KNOWLEDGE  … simple to understand, applied animal behavioural science
  • COMPASSION … an understanding of the true drivers of behaviour, enhances your compassion as the real nature of suffering is revealed
  • ACTION … finally we help you get started in your own Consultancy Practice


Our aim: unlimited numbers of NAC graduates out in the world helping animals whether it be through Animal Behaviour Qualifications or the Bach Flower Remedies.  If you have the passion we will get you the means to help realise your dreams with animals.

All of our courses come as a hard copy so you have a permanent reference for life.

You qualify by submitting & passing the questions marked for submission, by email.

Online videos & an email helpline support your learning experience.



…  positively influencing the well being of animals worldwide …

NAC Sanctuary

We have been funding the animals at the NAC animals (since 1997), the herd of zebras in Africa and the PhD behaviour research personally over the last 10 years, but we now need the financial support from you to continue with all of these critical activities.  So we are about to launch the NAC Sanctuary on Facebook.  We will be sharing the needs of specific animals at the NAC each week and the progress on the zebra behaviour PhD work which has continued uninterrupted since 2004.  We will launch the facebook page in the new year where you will be able to meet individual animals in a detailed way and appreciate their individual needs.

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“Amazing life changing courses run by true professionals in their field”

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New addition: a Zonkey who is now a year old

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