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We have been funding the animals at the NAC animals (since 1997), the herd of zebras in Africa and the PhD behaviour research personally over the last 10 years, but we now need the financial support from you to continue with all of these critical activities.  So we are about to launch the NAC Sanctuary on Facebook.  We will be sharing the needs of specific animals at the NAC each week and the progress on the zebra behaviour PhD work which has continued uninterrupted since 2004.  We will launch the facebook page in the new year where you will be able to meet individual animals in a detailed way and appreciate their individual needs.

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    Frozen Watchfulness (Part 2) – Solutions www.NatualAnimalCentre.com     Following on from the previous post we look at solutions for your dogs & horses.  In the previous blog article we set out the essential background on forceful training and its implications.  We began the discussion......

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New addition: a Zonkey who is now a year old

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