We are specifically looking to run a feline course in July this year

If you are interested please email us now ASAP


If you are passionate about a career with animals, as a 

Dog, Horse or Cat Behaviourist or a Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner

or if you want to learn more about animal behaviour  

we will empower you to turn your dreams into your practical reality, & if you desire, a profitable career.  Our simple approach of overlaying the applied-science of behaviour (animal psychology, equine science etc) with real excellence in communication & persuasion skills, allows you to realise the massive, positive impact on animal welfare that you want to achieve.

... Consultations ... 

 Or if your animal companion needs help we have the solutions:  be it a
 behaviour consultation or specialist help from our 
mind-body-health veterinary centre (psychoneuroimmunology),
call us; we can find the individually tailored solution you need.
... Animal Training ...
Our Positive Reinforcement, distance learning systems bring enjoyment & compassion to 
animal training 
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Or perhaps you are looking for a job with animals where compassion & your education are our priorities, call us …
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